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Introducing the Adventures of Culco and Chacho 


Join the colorful adventures of Chulco and Chacho through Mexico as they explore the beauty of their culture and learn spiritual, ancestral wisdom from the Grandmother's of Light.

"I got my copy of the Adventures of Culco and Chacho in the mail yesterday and excitedly opened up the package to see what this book was all about after having seen a few images from it on facebook. I was immediately taken in by the warm vivid artwork. i opened it up and thumbed through it and the visuals seemed to be inviting me into deeper connection with whatever the story line was to be.

Thank you for bringing this book to the reading public. I think it makes a wonderful gift for all children and that it will help children strengthen the love they come into this life with before cultural prejudices start to close their hearts to those that are different from them.

All Blessings and may the good “medicine” of this book soar out into the winds to reach many people, little ones and big ones.

Books by Patricia Garza Pinto

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