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Divine Mountain Retreat 
Private and Semi-Private Experiences


The Divine Mountain Retreat  is a fully customizable private and semi-private experience from 1/2 a day up to 5 nights, on the sacred mountain of Idyllwild, CA.

This experience is intended for women of all walks of life who are ready to step away from the day-to-day grind, remember the still point within and reacquaint themselves with their own guidance, passion and inspiration.

In this deeply nourishing retreat, we will work with practical tools to nurture transformation in everyday life.

CONNECT to your Divine power while experiencing fresh, organic, locally sourced food and learn about food preparation, discuss healthy eating habits and learn to use healthy food and meal time for Self-Love.

INTERACT with Patricia and openly explore the psyche, experiencing Self as multiplicity and gently peeling away layers to reveal what is ready to be let go of. This profound work is done within safety, unconditional presence and a standing wave of love shared between you, Patricia and the intentional environment.

SUPPORT your profoundly transformative experience with nature walks, Native American land blessings, time to journal, nap, rest and restore.

EXPLORE your Self with conscious movement in Patricia's state of the art fitness studio to awaken the pelvic floor, Chi Gong outdoors to ground, morning stretch sessions and judgement free flow dance movement.


ACTIVATE with powerful sound bath experiences, indoor/outdoor meditations and through art work.


AWAKEN to your extraordinary Self, experience renewal with the Divine Mountain Retreat. This is an opportunity to cleanse from impurities in nature with optimal food, be met with unconditional presence, be authentic in a safe environment, explore health and wellness tools and many more activities to awaken to a deeper YOU.

Divine Your Power
Divine Your Love
Divine Your Self.

Starting at $499 per day for all inclusive private experiences from 1/2 day up to 5 nights

Starting at $999 per day for all inclusive semi-private experiences for 1 full day up to 5 days/nights.


Inquire about Partial Scholarship

Installments Available

Enhance your Divine Experience and Pre-Book Sessions:

Therapeutic Massage; Foot and Hand Reflexology, Cranial Sacral Session; Crystal Light Therapy; AromaTouch Essential Oil Therapy; Esoteric Acupuncture; Reiki Energy Session and More!

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