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Patricia Garza Pinto's

SiSTARs Retreat

Build the perfect customized getaway for your tribe of soul SiSTARs in the mountains of Idyllwild, California. Available year-round.

Join Patricia and your choice of up to 8 other women for this 3 day retreat of pure connection, creative expression, nourishing food, nature, and more. This is a time to set aside your day-to-day worries and celebrate the beauty of life with your tribe!

Image by Paul Summers

Enjoy The Perfect Weekend Getaway

Less Busy, More Rest and Recharge

Image by Darius Bashar


Experience powerful breath work outside in nature.

Image by Dane Wetton

Conscious Movement

Reconnect with your body in a state of the art private fitness studio.

Image by Rifqi Ali Ridho

Arts & Crafts

Connect with your beautiful inner child through creative expression.

Image by Content Pixie


Practice self-compassion with a "Love Letter" to Self.

Image by petr sidorov


Reconnect with the rhythm of your sacred heart through drumming and rattling.

Image by Conscious Design

Sound Healing

Soothe the Soul with sound healing and group meditation.

Image by Jez Timms

Organic Meals

Nourish the body with healthy, organic meals. Vegetarian and Vegan options too!

Image by Jordan Whitt

Barefoot Earthing

Connect with Mother Earth through nature walks & barefoot earthing.


Pricing and Accommodation

Living in our busy culture today, everyone needs some time to disconnect from it all and remember how to just "be" without any of our regular pressures. This retreat is designed for you and your band of soul sisters to do just that - relax, unwind, and most of all have fun and make memories!


Sleep in the Eagle's View studio, a 2-bed shared space with a private bathroom, kitchen, and balcony. Fall asleep to the gentle sound of the forest just outside your window!

Price: $915


Glamp in the Wellness Studio with your group! Cots available and plenty of space for everyone. Easy access to the main house restroom and front balcony!

Price: $800


Take a Break - You Deserve It!

Let go, relax, and connect with like-minded women in our Healing Sanctuary. You won't regret it!

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