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Your Amazing Itty BittyTM Heal Your Body Book 15 Essential Steps to Heal Your Mind, Body and SpiritAre you overwhelmed or tired? Do you feel overweight or lack a sense of well-being? Can you find time to exercise and meet your own needs? Are you living your purpose and dream?If you desire more vibrant life force energy, a healthier mind and body and a more joyful life lived with purpose, start now and follow the tips in this Itty Bitty book.



“Thanks to Patricia I was able to integrate fitness into my lifestyle as an older adult” - Andrea Adelson.


“Thank you so much for bringing us to a higher level of fitness and awareness, we are forever grateful.” Jami and Dennis Hensling


“Patricia Garza changed my life when I needed it the most. She was there for me as much more than a great trainer.” - Jackie Cunningham


If you want to begin your healing journey pick up a copy of this simple ground breaking book today!

Your Amazing Itty Bitty™ Heal Your Body Book: 15 Simple Steps to Healing Your

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