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Spring Equinox Retreat

March 16-19, 2023                                                                    Idyllwild, CA

What if you could jumpstart your healing journey this year with an immersive, 3-day guided retreat?

It can feel impossible to connect to your true self in our busy, distracted world.


  • Have been successful in many areas of their lives, yet feel lost and depressed with where they’re at in their life overall.

  • Have tried so many different wellness practices, from nutrition, exercise types, and meditations but still can’t seem to find what works for them.

  • Have recently been though a difficult period of their lives and just can’t seem to find their way our of it

  • Can’t remember the time they felt connected to them- selves and joyful, creative, and in-tune with their authentic selves.

  • Can help others around them, but struggle finding out what they need for themselves.

So many busy professionals fall into the patterns and behaviors they need for success, yet quickly find that they’re disconnected from their unique selves and struggle to find deeper meaning in their lives. Ultimately, the uncertainty they have about themselves weighs down on them and greatly impacts their quality of life and relationship with themselves.

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But what if I told you that you could easily do a reset, reconnect with yourself, and get the tools and insight you need to move forward authentically in your life?  

Introducing the Spring Equinox Wellness Retreat.

Tune into your spirit and your body’s natural healing abilities in this immersive, 3 days-retreat of fun, healing, and total wellbeing hosted by Patricia Garza Pinto


Joining a supportive, compassionate group of likeminded individuals


Reconnecting with your inner truth and authentic, divine self


Detoxing and supporting your body with high- vibration, organic foods and living water


Connect with nature and your own creatviity 


How Would Your Future Shift if You Could...

Connect to your own Divine life force energy


Connect with your inner child and allow for more joy, creativity, and lightheartedness in your life


Jumpstart a healthy eating routine that supports your unique needs


Learn the lifestyle tools needed to live optimally in our modern world of technology, overstimulation, toxin exposure, and removal from nature


Live a life that supports YOU and your unique history, goals, and place in life


You'll Leave this Retreat With...

  • Support (emotional, mental, physical, supported and lifted up by the standing wave of LOVE and sacred container I offer)

  • Connection (to a Tribe of Women)

  • Clarity, especially around and putting meaning to inner child/childhood wounds, self sabotage, feeling stuck and sexual abuse

  • Increased vitality and life force energy

  • Inner peace/sense of well being

  • Mental and physical rest and recovery

  • A grounded connection with Mother Nature

  • Flexibility from restorative stretching

  • Increased inner and outer strength

  • Spirit connection to Self and Divine Source through sacred ceremonies

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This 3-day Retreat + Follow-up Coaching is valued at $1,500.

But currently, we're offering this program to you for just $999!

Pink Blossom

"I had such a great weekend up in the mountains of Idyllwild and spent time with such an amazing siSTAR, mentor, and friend! Walking into The Eagle's View Healing Sanctuary, something amazing happened! I burst into tears spontaneously. Never in my life have I ever done that...I was filled with so much love, gratitude, and compassion that it was so healing to just be there in her home and with such a gifted healer. It was like coming home!

It's a great feeling being around someone who practices unconditional love and acceptance, I felt safe to be myself! Patricia Garza Pinto is truly a woman who lifts up others and empowers them!!! Thank you again for your lovely hospitality, a hot cup of tea and an ear to hear with a hot cup of tea! Till we meet again!!!"


You Might Be Wondering, Who is Patricia?

I'm Patricia, the Founder of Divine Your Power - Health and Wellness for 21st Century Living - an empowerment training & coaching program for women and healers. 


I've been through my fair share of struggles, uncertainty, and traumas in and have dedicated my life to helping myself and others heal. Guiding individuals into their own natural wellbeing and authentic selves has been my greatest passion on this earth.

As an accredited Holistic Health Practitioner, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach & Corrective Exercise Coach, Nationally Certified Fitness Specialist, Energy Medicine Healer, and Shamanic Practitioner, I build programs to help guide others into their most optimal states of wellbeing.

I'm excited to help show you how to access the Divine Power you possess and guide you into a life of health, wellness, and purpose!

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Ready to Step Into Your New Transformation?


1. What if I cannot afford to invest in myself and attend the Divine Your Power Retreat?

I accept payment installments via Affirm, Venmo, Apple Pay, Zelle and PayPal (deposits required).

2. Where is Idyllwild, California and how do I get there?

Idyllwild, California is approximately two hours northeast of San Diego and two hours southeast of Los Angeles. You may do a road trip (solo or with a friend) or fly into Los Angeles, San Diego or Palm Springs airport and rent a car. Driving up the mountain to Idyllwild is a beautiful drive!

3. What are the sleeping arrangements? Will I get a private room?

My retreats offer sleeping accomodations for "Bedders" and "Glampers". Bedders have access to either a king or twin bed. The king bed is located in my studio apartment (which sleeps up to two women, a shared room with two twin beds). There are also two twin beds in the main house. Glampers have access to comfortable sleeping cots in my state of the art fitness studio, which also offers a heating and cooling unit. NOTE: There is a price difference between the Bedders and Glampers. Bedders retreat rate is increased an additional $100. For an additional $150, you may rent my studio and have access to a king bed and the privacy of a 335 sq.ft. fully sustainable studio apartment, with a seperate entrance.

4. What is the duration of this retreat?

This retreat in particular lasts 3 days and 2 nights.

5. What types of foods will be offered? Can you work with dietery preferences or intolerances?

My retreats offer all organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, nutritious high vibration foods and beverages. Vegetarian meals are served, however I can offer vegan options.

6. Is this a religious based retreat?

No, this is a non-denominational wellness retreat and those of any religious or spiritual beliefs are welcome!

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