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A Shamanic and Healing Arts Retreat in Costa Rica

March 8-13, 2024 

 San Miguel, Provincia de Alajuela, Bijagua de Upala, Costa Rica


Reconnection to Your Inner Self is The Ultimate Path to Healing

Join us next spring in beautiful Costa Rica ~ nature's medicine at its best ~  To reconnect, reset and renew your body, mind heart, and soul. Rediscover your dreaming power and essential health. And reconnect with your heart magic and soul mojo. In a safe, grounded, and supportive container, with like-minded women led by Patricia and Elaine.

We have curated a magical mix of hands on holistic health, wellness and shamanic practices, to inspire and reconnect lost or tired parts of us back into the whole.

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Who Is the Retreat For?

It’s for you if you are wondering where you mojo went and can’t get it back. If you are longing to have a nature emersion experience and gentle yet firmly re-calibration of your nervous system. If you are called into community and connection with other women on the same journey as you. Or if you are wanting to reconnect with your dreaming and visioning and are seeking a new vision for your life. 

We can’t connect to our dreaming or our heart magic & soul mojo if our nervous system is dis regulated. So we need to address that first. “We (Patricia and Elaine) bring a unique combination of many years of integrative health, wellness and shamanic healing practices to the table. And it is our pleasure and privilege to offer them to you in this unique experience close to nature far away from the “madding crowd”. 

The Experience


Immerse yourself in powerful sacred ceremonies that open your heart and foster deep connections with self , nature and other.These transformative experiences allow for profound emotional healing, growth, and the cultivation of meaningful right relationship to all our relations.


Through the physical exercises and education offered, you'll experience improved flexibility on multiple levels. Not only will you find increased physical fluidity through activities like stretching and movement sessions  you'll also witness enhanced mental and spiritual flexibility. This newfound flow empowers you to navigate life's challenges with greater ease and adaptability.

Some form of this will be offered daily outside in nature. 


By taking the time to rest, recover, and restore yourself ~  both with our guidance and your own deep listening ~ in a supportive and nourishing environment, you will begin to feel a new level of expansion as your nervous system comes back into rest and digest. 


By focusing on grounding practices and intentional self-care, you can cultivate a stronger sense of balance in your life. This balance helps you to find stability and inner peace amid the demands of daily life.


Through sacred ceremonies /rituals and a deep connection to the land, you'll have the opportunity to tap into the Divine Source within yourself and in the world around you. This connection awakens your creativity, heals past wounds, and ignites a sense of purpose and inspiration within. By aligning with the Divine, you'll experience a profound sense of inner guidance, fulfillment, and spiritual growth.



San Miguel, Provincia de Alajuela, Bijagua de Upala, Costa Rica

The Retreat Lodge is the perfect place for both nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. Overlooking a freshwater river and immersed in lush tropical forests we offer the perfect Costa Rica getaway experience for our guests to enjoy. The simple, rustic cabins are designed to create a unique “off the grid experience”. Nestled on the eastern slopes of Volcano Tenorio, our accommodations are surrounded by magical scenic views. 


Enjoy a refreshing swim in our crystal clear river, relax in our one-of-a-kind wood-fired hot tub, sun on the deck, walk through our lush tropical forest, bird watch while sitting in comfort on the veranda, horse ride through our meadows, milk cows, and so much more.


Patricia Garza Pinto

Founder of Divine Your Power Health & Wellness for the 21st Century

Patricia is CHEK Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Practitioner and Journeys of Wisdom Spiritual Coach; Corrective Exercise Specialist; Energy Medicine Healer

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Elaine Alghani

Medicine Woman, Artist, Ceremony Guide

Elaine Alghani is located in California and has over 25 years of experience in Shamanic journeys and healing. Elaine has been privileged to learn from many great teachers from various traditions and lineages. Most recently completing a traditional 5-year apprenticeship in the shamanic ways and wisdom of the Huichol with a specific focus on living through the medicine wheel and its cosmology. 

Meet Your Facillitators


MARCH 8 - 13, 2024

Daily Retreat Schedule

Envision a day devoid of any commitments except nurturing your body, mind, and spirit. Your primary objective: prioritize self-care and attend to your own needs.

  1. Sacred cacao ceremony ~ set intentions and open up the heart.

  2. Sacred Rite of the Womb Ceremony ~ heal and integrate the womb and heart space.

  3. Shamanic Elemental Ritual ~ work with the beautiful surroundings of Mother Nature to let go of that which no longer serves, and call in that which serves our highest and greatest good.

  4. Shamanic Drum Journey ~ connecting to the heartbeat of Mother Earth/Pachamama ~ discovering your Spirit animal guides. And the plant spirit medicine of the local nature.

  5. Free Flow Movement/Dance ~ tap into your deepest parts and allow your sacred body temple to flow, with no judgment and utter joy!

  6. Chi Gong Energy Breathwork ~ the Stork in Flight walking meditation will help shake up and move stagnant, stuck energies.

  7. Restorative Stretching Sessions ~ awaken and restore your body, mind and spirit with gentle, yet, powerful stretches.

  8. Regulate Your Nervous System ~ with simple embodiment practices.

  9. Sound Bath ~ let the beautiful tones of the musical instruments heal and drum take you on a journey.

  10. Shamanic Art ~ Spirit will flow through us as we set intentions and allow Spirit to guide us into making a small medicine bag or a power object, with objects found on the land. Your medicine bag or power piece object will be your takeaway, to represent your healing and transformative journey!

  11. Divine Your Power w/Conscious Movement ~ learn how to tap into, awaken, strengthen, and integrate the deep intrinsic muscle unit. Along with the heart, this area of the body is the source of true power and wisdom.


"Patricia is a medicine woman doing good work in the world and she deserves full support. Thank you for showing up, Patricia and doing the work that has grown you into who you are today..bringing it a good way!"

Lineage Holder Huichol Shaman, Founder & President of Non-Profit, Spiritually-based Educational Community, Wakan.

4. What is the duration of this retreat?

This retreat in particular lasts 3 days and 2 nights.

5. What types of foods will be offered? Can you work with dietery preferences or intolerances?

My retreats offer all organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, nutritious high vibration foods and beverages. Vegetarian meals are served, however I can offer vegan options.

6. Is this a religious based retreat?

No, this is a non-denominational wellness retreat and those of any religious or spiritual beliefs are welcome!

1. What if I cannot afford to invest in myself and attend the Divine Your Power Retreat?

I accept payment installments via Affirm, Venmo, Apple Pay, Zelle and PayPal (deposits required).

2. Where is Idyllwild, California and how do I get there?

Idyllwild, California is approximately two hours northeast of San Diego and two hours southeast of Los Angeles. You may do a road trip (solo or with a friend) or fly into Los Angeles, San Diego or Palm Springs airport and rent a car. Driving up the mountain to Idyllwild is a beautiful drive!

3. What are the sleeping arrangements? Will I get a private room?

My retreats offer sleeping accomodations for "Bedders" and "Glampers". Bedders have access to either a king or twin bed. The king bed is located in my studio apartment (which sleeps up to two women, a shared room with two twin beds). There are also two twin beds in the main house. Glampers have access to comfortable sleeping cots in my state of the art fitness studio, which also offers a heating and cooling unit. NOTE: There is a price difference between the Bedders and Glampers. Bedders retreat rate is increased an additional $100. For an additional $150, you may rent my studio and have access to a king bed and the privacy of a 335 sq.ft. fully sustainable studio apartment, with a seperate entrance.


Join Us For This Magical Retreat.

SiSTAR, join us in beautiful Costa Rica as we take you on a holistic health and wellness journey integrating powerful shamanic practices and holistic healing tools to assist on your healing journey. Go to to register now!


From our sacred High Hearts, we would like to thank you for taking your precious time, efforts and energy and being curious about attending our Costa Rica retreat. We trust and pray we will see you in Costa Rica. Namaste!

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