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These bullet points are offers of the Divine Mountain Retreat Private; Semi- Private; half-day; full day; one night; and multiple night private retreats.

Also, please make a note that each Divine Mountain Retreat experience is customized to meet specific needs of each client.

In a nutshell, here is AN EXAMPLE of some powerful tools you will experience, embody and take down the mountain...a day in the life of the Divine Mountain Retreat:

  • Emotional Coaching ~ getting to know our inner children, healing & integrating childhood trauma

  • Connect Energies of our sacred heart through trust and bonding as we get to know each other

            in the healing space of the Eagle’s View Healing Sanctuary living room ~ fireplace is optional, weather permitting

  • Prepare and eat wholesome healthy, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegetarian meals and snacks based on your ancestral lineage diet

  • Sacred arts & crafts using crystals, glass beads, feathers, wool yarn, sparkly gel pens, glitter, small stones and other fun materials

  • Release unhealthy toxins in the Health Mate dry infra-red hot sauna

  • Restorative Stretching in state of the art private fitness studio

  • Soak tired sore muscles in deep soaking tub of the Crystal Bathroom ~ Epsom

    salt & calming DoTerra Essential Oils included

  • Himalayan bowl & quartz crystal lyre sound bath

  • Sip on high vibration quartz crystal living water, organic teas, organic coffee & 

    organic kombucha

  • Star gaze from the front and back deck with unobstructed views

  • Reiki Energy Medicine healing session

  • Quartz Crystal Lamp healing session

  • Guided Meditation

  • Drum & Rattle

  • Land Blessings honoring Mother Earth/Pachamama

  • Sacred Fire Ceremony letting go of that which no longer serves

  • Conscious movement in state of the art private fitness studio

  • Healing & Grounding Nature Walks ~ Barefoot

  • Creek Side Meditations connecting with the Spirit of the water

  • Nighttime Outdoor Silent Meditation near the fire pit

  • Journal your past & present “story” with the Story of the Tarot Cards

  • Shamanic Stone Grinding meeting our authentic Self

  • Sacred Cacao Ceremony


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